Welcome to the NZ site for Hiwa products

Appleton Design Engineering (ADE) is the sole agent for Hiwa, known worldwide for their high quality, superior waterworks products. Hiwa fittings are built to meet the demands of the New Zealand water works industry.

See us for high quality waterworks fittings including flange adaptors, gate valves, clamps, pvc pipe fittings, dismantling joints, butterfly valves, check valves, pipe couplings and more.

ADE has supplied many small and large contracts around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. View our product catalogues or drawings for more information on our Hiwa products including (but not limited to):

 Pipe fittings

High tolerance pipe fittings for ductile iron, steel and PVC pipes. Designed to accommodate plain-ended pipes with different outside diameters. One single coupling can connect pipes made from different materials such as ductile iron, steel, PVC, AC and others. See our pipe fittings catalogue for couplings, flange adaptors, light and heavy duty dismantling joints, tapping saddles and saddle camps

 Repair clamps

Stainless steel repair clamps, ductile iron repair clamps and more - the permanent repair for holes, cracks and breaks in most damaged pipes transmitting water, gas or petrochemical fluids. See our repair clamps catalogue.

 Rubber expansion joints

Superior burst strength - can withstand pressure of over 5.0Bar/maximum operating pressure of 2.5Ppa. Rubber expansion joints are commonly used for pipe misalignment and to dampen and insulate against the transmission of noise and vibration. Hiwa rubber expansion joints effectively manage pipe stress caused by thermal expansion/contraction or foundation settlement. See the catalogue for rubber expansion joints.

 Butterfly valves

Designed for maximum weight and maximum strength. Easy installation, reliable operation. Available in sizes of 1 inch to 48 inches (DN25-DN1200). See our butterfly valves catalogue for handles (for on/off throttling control of valves) and actuators including pneumatic actuators, worm gear operators and more.

 Check valves

Light weight design for efficient seating and operation. Easy installation between different standard pipe flanges. Hiwa check valves distribute load force evenly across each plate and valves open and close without seat scrubbing. See the check valves catalogue.

 Cast iron valves

In our cast iron valves catalogue you'll find more check valves, along with gate valves, globe valves, ball valves and y-strainers.

We also manufacture items in New Zealand so if you can't see what you're looking for, contact us.